Technical documentation and other resources for using hamsterdb.

API documentation
The API documentation is automagically generated with Doxygen from the central header file hamsterdb.h. It lists all functions, constants, status codes and structures. It is the most authoritative documentation available. more »
The tutorial demonstrates nearly all functions of hamsterdb. If you are not familiar with lightweight database engines, this might be the best place to start. The tutorial also covers the topics of compiling, installing and porting hamsterdb. more »
The samples are part of the hamsterdb sources; you can find them in the directory samples. For your convenience, they are available for downloading here »
Evaluating and Testing
hamsterdb comes with a handy tool "ham_bench" which is used for benchmarking and performance testing of a myriad of configurations and data patterns. more »
The frequently asked questions provide answers about programming and tuning hamsterdb, as well as licensing questions. more »
How to optimize hamsterdb for performance. more »
Migration from 1.x to 2.x
Describes the changes in hamsterdb 2.x, how to migrate your code and when NOT to migrate. more »


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