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Best Online Data Science Schools

Online data science provides the students with a flexible and affordable path towards a very lucrative data science job. According to the bureau of Labor Statistics the projected employment growth for database administrators is 11% with the current average salary for database administrators standing at $87,020. The increasing popularity of data analytics and data base administrators adds to the ever increasing in employment for data scientists at cloud computing firms.

Big data is not limited to cloud computing firms. Startups and established businesses are leveraging the power of data science to improve their operations and increase their profits. Competition to acquire talented data scientists is fierce and across a diverse amount of industries and spaces. Dating and hookup apps turn towards data and analytics to help their members find a fuck buddy. Huge adult sites like PornHub utilize data to monetize content. Sports teams use data to make in game decisions. Really the leveraging of data and therefore the need for data scientists continues to grow exponentially.

Below is a list of top online data school science programs which have been selected based on the quality of the program, type of course provided, school awards, faculty, rankings and reputation.

University of Southern California (USC)

USC offers more than just 100-degree options which include master of science in computing science that totals up to 32 units. The USC programs tends to train students in the fundamentals of computer science thus enabling them to retrieve, store, analyze and visualize data. The graduates of online data science are equipped with data science jobs in diverse industries like healthcare, transportation, and energy. The advantage with the program is that it makes it possible for distance students to view the same lecturers as on campus students. Those who get to join live classes are able to ask the professor questions in real time.

Students who study full time get to earn their data science program in less than 18 months with part time students getting to earn their degree in 2-3 years. The core topics of data science include database systems, algorithm analysis and artificial intelligence.

University of North Carolina at Chapell Hill

UNC offers online business administration course with a specialization in data analytics and decision-making concentration. The program offers research-based seminars where online data students create, implement and communicate data driven data-driven business strategies. In order to earn their data science degree, the students have to complete 66 credits.

Students have to take one core class in analytical tools with the remainder in of the online data science master classes consisting of elective options such as digital marketing, information modelling and management.

University of California – Berkeley

Drawing from a multidisciplinary pedagogy the UC Berkeley’s. They train students to design innovative services, applications as well as business solutions. The students tend to use data analytics tools so as to work with complex data and solve-real world problems. The students are also able to pursue their full-time degree or through part-time enrollment.

The 27-unit curriculum consists of mainly online colleges course in statistics, machine learning, data analytics, data engineering, research design and application. Students who do not have adequate object-oriented programming experience tend to complete a python of data science class.

University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign

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The university of Illinois offers academic programs and enrolls more than 72,000 students across the globe. The catalogue includes mainly 32-credit program that is centered on cloud computing, data mining, machine learning, data analytics and data visualization. Students who are earning their online data masters program develop skills in statistics and information science as this enables them to apply meaningful information from vast and unstructured data.

Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech offers 13 graduate programs including data analytics where learners get to take full online college courses through blackboard learn. Learners at data analytics take full online college programs through developing their mathematical and analytical skills to extract relevant information from data streams. The program provides full admission for graduate students and offers one of the lowest online tuition rates.

They total up to 30 credits which provide online master degree plan that consist of the required classes in specialization, choosing from analytical tools, business management and big data. Companies like Apple, Bumble, Uber and other tech giants often recruit from this program.

Southern Methodist University

The innovative Southern Methodist University uses a skilled based curriculum that combines self-paced online college courses in addition to live weekly classes and collaborative projects. The online masters project centers in data science degree on statistics and visualization, training students to undermine, analyze and apply data so as to make strategic business decisions.

Rochester Institute of Technology

It was founded in 1829 and the Rochester Institute of Technology enrolls over 3,200 graduates in accessible academic programs. The 30-credit data science degree program emphasizes experimental learning and career development. The data science programs cultivate theoretical knowledge and practical skills through problem solved assignments.